When I answered the phone a gentleman on the other end said he “needed some windows cleaned”.  I said I’d be very happy to help and could he please send me a few photos of the property so I could get an idea of what we where dealing with.  There was a pause on the other end of the phone… and then the man replied … “look I don’t want to scare you off, the house looks like a spaceship”.

We ended up calling this property The Space Ship House.  The entrance was very unassuming and from memory it was a dirt road that jutted off one of the main paved roads in the small township of Main Ridge, Victoria.  On the drive in we could see that many trade vehicles had been using the dirt road and it was obvious that construction was nearing completion.  The push towards hand over was on.

The property was designed in such a way that you entered from the rear which was the exisiting farm cottage.  Very deceptive at first glance.  It wasn’t until you walked in the front entrance that it became obvious a massive architectural vision had manifested, and with that vision came glass, massive slabs of multilevel glass.  My first thoughts were ladders, telescopic poles, and time.

Equipment selection is paramount to avoid the time slippage that can occur at properties such as these.  Instantly I tasked one of my crew to set-up the 10m telescopic pole, hook into the water point, and start scrubbing the outside.  Once I was happy we had a thick bristled brush doing its work on the outside we could then approach the inside window cleaning tasks.  There were tradies everywhere rushing to finish last minute details so communication was critical to knowing where we could start without stepping on each other toes.