Insured, Prompt, and Professional we bring our attention to detail and experience to tackle your cleaning tasks.  Dirty windows? Lets Get kraken!

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For professional window cleaners near you who deliver stunning results to properties across Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and Bayside areas.  Insured, Prompt, and Professional we bring our attention to detail and experience to tackle your cleaning tasks.  The scope of our services extend past standard window cleaning and we are highly skilled in cleaning and maintain all glass items on your property be it pool fence, staircase balustrade, even chandeliers!  Dirty windows and Glass? Let’s Get kraken!


The decking, walls, and outdoor underfoot areas of your home or beach house can benefit immensely from a considered pressure wash. The combination of soapy lathers from detergent solutions with intermittent scrubbing and spraying creates an ideal foundation for dirt and stains to be lifted with the correct pressure washing nozzle. The cone of the high pressured jet is effective for a variety of applications such as stained driveways, dirty weatherboards, even removing Lichen growths from roof sheets and flushing guttering systems.


If you lead a busy life that involves children, work, and social engagements, it can be very difficult to find time for housekeeping. We service our regular clientele with standard housekeeping items that include floors and surface cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming. When our clients begin to combine our housekeeping skillset with our other services such as window cleaning and pest sprays a truly well kept and desirable appearance emerges. Please note that bed linen changes and clothes washing does not fall within the initial scope.


When guttering systems become partially or fully blocked water is prevented from draining which facilitates the growth of moss, decomposition of green waste, and overflowing rain water also has the potential to cascade down the surfaces of your property staining your glass (hard water stains) and damaging your timber cladding and fixings.  Rain water is to be caught on the roof sheets, channelled to the system and funneled down the downpipes.  We approach gutter cleaning tasks In accordance with WorkSafe Victoria.


Our technique for applying our very popular pest spray is thorough, it just has to be. Taking the time to navigate a property administering a pest spray requires attention to detail and patience as insect and spiders reside in many of the tiny spaces that go mostly unnoticed at your property. Our spray Kills and repels household pests by forming a barrier around your home or beach house. The scope of pests include Spiders, Papernest wasps, Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Ticks (excluding paralysis ticks), Flies and Mosquitoes.  No Termites.


The House Washdown is a very popular and thorough approach to cleaning the outside surfaces of your property. Involving thick lathers of soap, bristled brush scrubbing, and filtered water rinsing the house washdown seeks to remove dirt and grime from all external surfaces. We literally scrub and rinse your entire house! These tasks are usually carried out in conjunction with a standard exterior window clean and the combined result is impressive and in general weather conditions will keep your property looking its best for 6 months or more.

Our service guarantee

We guarantee a prompt and impressive service experience that begins with a competitive onsite quote and concludes with you confirming you’re thrilled with the results during a walk around together before I leave your property. I’ll bring my best tools and techniques to tackle your tasks and coupled with my complete attention to your job I’ll get to achieving a stunning result for you with an intention to build a strong professional working relationship into the future.