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What’s Kraken Window Cleaning…?

Kraken Window Cleaning Is A Newly Franchised Window Cleaning Business With Home Office On The Mornington Peninsula.

Yes, built upon the learnings and spectacular success of the very popular brand ‘Coastline Window Cleaning’.  KWC was built so that entrepreneurs like you, who don’t have formal training, or even prior experience, can easily build a fully scaleable successful Window Cleaning and Property Services Business.

Let me show you how it works:

  • Sign up and commence your paid training.  Become a student of this lucrative trade and develop your skillset.

      It’s imperative you make mistakes whilst learning.
  • After completion of your paid Kraken Window Cleaning training programme you will be capable and confident with a rock steady knowledge of how to deliver a stunning result for your clients.  Your ready to hit the run way and take flight!

  • Continue to grow and expand.  After 12 Months it is our strong expectation you won’t be cleaning windows anymore but oversee’ing your own team.  Head Office is always only a phone call away.  The support is endless and we are with you every step of the way – we’ve got your back and you’ve got this.

So What Is A Kraken?  What Does The Name Mean?

  • The kraken is a legendary sea monster of gigantic size and squid-like appearance in Scandinavian folklore.  It is said the Kraken is strong enough to take down an entire sailing ship.  The Symbolism of the Kraken is Strength, Power, Ability, Intelligence, and Adaptability.

  • “Get Kraken” – What doe’s this saying mean?  To start doing something or go somewhere immediately.  Kraken Window Cleaning High Regards Prompt Professionalism.

  • Produced from a lengthy and considered design process our Kraken in hot pink with a blue microfibre towel wrapped around his neck, trendy moustache, and window cleaning equipment creates a vibrant and garish branding identity.  Legally Trade Marked and affectionately named ‘Bubbles the Kraken’ our entrepreneurs have exclusive rights to use ‘Bubbles The Kraken’ to promote and grow their business.

Generate Wealth

-“There is a certain Buddhistic calm that comes from having … money in the bank.” – Tom Robbins

Professional Window Cleaning is a very lucrative industry if  the correct business strategies are applied.  Generate New CLIENTS That You Can Connect With… Create your business to quickly capture your clients attention so you can generate new Quotes to convert into Invoices again and again, even in the event your clients sells their house and moves!



  • More money in your pocket

    Cleaning glass is profitable.  You may not have considered that professional window cleaners command hourly rates between $40 to $70 to $100hr.  Residential window cleaning with the right strategy can see you nurturing a profitable and professional client relationship for an indefinite amount of time…

  • Breathe Higher Levels Of Oxygen

    For more than 50% of the time window cleaning you are working outdoors in the fresh open air.  The benefits of breathing clean fresh air can’t be understated.  Fresh air gives you more energy and sharpens your mind.  Fresh air boosts your mood and is a de-stressor.  Fresh air clears your lungs and strengthens your immune system.

  • Faster Success

    We spent 5 Years building up a professional window cleaning business and within that time we learnt many, many lessons.  A Kraken Window Cleaning business gears you for faster success by removing all the difficult and costly little learning experiences out of the equation for you.  Our training programme guides you away from many of the common pitfalls also.

  • Even More Money In Your Pocket

    The outlay to launch your Kraken Window Cleaning business is ‘low’.  If you put pen to paper and jot down a rough idea of what costs you will incur to start your business you probably wont be far off the mark.  A branded vehicle, cleaning equipment, uniform would be the key essentials.  You don’t need to outlay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in the game.

  • You’ll Get Paid To Stay In Shape

    Professional Window Cleaning is a physically active manual job.  You’ll be using your core and arm muscles on a daily basis which promotes muscle growth and fat loss.  With the current fees associated with Gym Memberships you’ll not only save money at the Gym but get paid to work out and be active on a daily basis, often in beautiful coastal and garden settings.

  • Work Less And Step Back

    Within the Kraken Window Cleaning Training and Mentorship Programme we will be guiding you towards settings up your business and then putting strategies in place that allow you to step back and watch your business tick along from a distance.    This means essentially after you transition through the learning curve you step back and work less as your business flourishes.

Health, Fitness, Well Being

Professional Window Cleaning more often occurs at properties and settings that are pleasant.  It may be the sounds of the crashing waves or beautiful lawns and garden scapes.  You are removed from the concrete jungle.  The benefits of receiving a daily dose of sunshine (Vitamin D) is evident and more so now than ever before has the importance of breathing fresh clean air been highlighted.  In a suitable context it’s perfectly fine to pop your headphone in and get to work.  It’s fun, it’s rewarding, you’ll love it.


Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Is kraken Window Cleaning A Franchised Business?

Yes!  We owned and operated a very successful small business called “Coastline Window Cleaning” for more than 5 years.  The Google My Business Profile for Coastline Window Cleaning is still active with over 50 Five Star Client Reviews.  We wanted to scale up and update our business model to allow young entrepreneurs to climb aboard and grow with us.  The most sustainable and logical model was a Franchise!

What Is A kraken Window Cleaning Franchise?

“A Business In A Box”.

This is the best way to phrase it!  Your kraken Window Cleaning kit provides you with an easy to understand training program, weekly support, and all the key ingredients that prime your business for success.  You are assigned an area to service your clients in and you strive to build lasting professional relationships with clients seeking window cleaning and property services.

Do I have to pay an upfront fee?

Yes! If we can help you achieve your business goals and we are a good fit for each other you will pay a deposit that is 100% refundable.  Once you are set and ready to rock and roll the balance is then payable.  As soon as your deposit is settled we jump straight into your training which believe it or not is paid training!  We pay you to train with us.

Where is my work area?

Each work area is a council area so for example if you own the Mornington Peninsula this is primarily where you will build up your client base and this will occur in the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council area.  We use the term Designated Marketing Area or DMA.  Each Franchisee owns a DMA.  You are permitted to work in and outside of your DMA but you are only permitted to conduct marketing activities inside your DMA.

When Can I Start?

You can literally start your training this week!  Once you pay your deposit we can make a start on getting you into our training program.  Rustle up your deposit and lets get Kraken!  Your first week will involve paid training at various properties on the Mornington Peninsula.  You will be scrubbing glass and cleaning gutters amongst other things.  Commencing your journey on the learning curve is important so lets not waste time, lets do it together!

Do I have to pay ongoing fees?

Yes! Support Service fee of 16% is applied to each paid invoice.  Support service’s include things like your website, weekly training, complaint handling, phone answering service and more.  You only pay 16% Support Service fee when a client pays your invoice.  If your clients doesn’t pay or you are injured or unwell, or your vehicle is getting services you don’t pay a support service fee.

If I have questions or am unsure of anything is there someone I can talk to?

Yes!  We have a Head Office support team located on the Mornington Peninsula who can answer your questions 24 hours a , 7 days a week!  We can chat on the phone, SMS, Video Meeting or if you really get stuck we can come to your clients property and give you a chop out.  Its no stress at all, we are a family orientated business and embrace the ideals of support and team work.

Do I need a Vehicle, Equipment, and a Uniform?

Yes!  All the ordering for your equipment and uniform comes through us so you never have to worry about wasting time and money on purchasing gear.  You will need a window cleaning vehicle and we insist on that being the VW Caddy (amazing fuel economy).  Your Caddy will get wrapped and branded and will look amazing, your branded vehicle is also one of your biggest marketing tools.

Is my initial deposit refundable?

Yes!  Life is short for all of us, and a fully refundable deposit is the perfect expression that you’re serious.  Your deposit is paid via Credit Card over the phone.  Franchise businesses are seen as a stronger business model than independent ventures so this already puts you in a better position to get approved for a franchise loan.

How long is the Franchise Term?

5yrs!  The Franchise term is 5yrs at the end of which you can either wrap things up or if you’re going great guns and loving the empire you’re building you can renew your agreement and keep going for another 5yrs.  Having a term of 5yrs is great because it allows you to set realistic time framed goals and financial markers to reach.  The 5yr term brings perspective and a healthy sense of urgency.

What if I can’t work or I want to go on holiday?

If you can’t work for a number of reasons such as an injury or you are unwell we can assist you with re-scheduling your bookings, or even jumping on the squeegee and servicing your clients until you are back on your feet.  Holidays is what makes life AWESOME!  Holidays planned and booked in advance allow for great forward planning so we can ensure your clients aren’t disrupted and you can go away and have a great time!

If I decide I no longer want to run my Kraken Window Cleaning business what do I do?

In the unfortunate situation where you are unable to run your business and can no longer make amazing money whilst being your own boss we can guide and offer you support on how to sell your business.  We appreciate that life can sometimes throw you incredibly difficult curve balls and we have an SOP strategy to offer you for making a clean exit if the situation arises.