Own a Kraken Window Cleaning franchise.

Join the Kraken Window Cleaning family and be your own boss!

Could you be a Kraken franchisee?

Then a Kraken Window Cleaning franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you to secure your financial future and create a better work life balance for you and your family.

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to invest in your future.

The demand for window cleaning and property services has increased well beyond our capacity and we are seeking motivated and driven individuals or teams to come on board as soon as possible.  Do not miss this opportunity or timing as we are now selling Designated Marketing Areas across Australia.  Quotes and jobs are ready to go, we just need YOU!

Franchising our small window cleaning business to create opportunities for driven entrepreneurs was not a decision made in haste nor on a whim.  The reasons from our end will be discussed at a later date, your reading this article because you want to know how and why this new franchise opportunity could be a great investment opportunity for you and your family.

Please keep reading,

  1. Window cleaning and property maintenance is Lucrative.  Take our Financial Model for a test run and see the many combinations of ways you can turnover a great income.
  2. The investment fee is ‘low’.  ‘Low’ is relative of course but we guarantee you will get change back from a $30k start-up budget.
  3. The ongoing running costs are ‘low’.  You will get thousands of hours of use out of the majority of your cleaning equipment.
  4. There’s plenty of work and window cleaning and property maintenance is a permitted worker activity during COVID lockdowns.
  5. Your often working outdoors, in the sunlight, and breathing fresh air whilst you deliver your service to clients.
  6. Ongoing support service from Kraken Window Cleaning head office provides you, your staff, and your family with everything you need to succeed at commencing, developing, and expanding your business.

Lets have an informal chat on the phone and if you have a passion to run your own business, are focused on customer service, and are not afraid of a bit of hard work we’d love to hear from you,

Leigh Roberts
M: 0407 620 143

E: leigh@krakenwindowcleaning.com.au

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards

Leigh Roberts

Kraken Window Cleaning