To open a franchise is to open a business.  Regardless of the industry opening a business incurs costs, this is unavoidable.  Here are 3 unavoidable costs of opening your franchise.

  • Legal, Accounting and Business advice.

The Kraken Window Cleaning Franchise Agreement has 3 individual sections that need to be completed by your,

  1. Solicitor
  2. Accountant
  3. Business Advisor

The Kraken Window Cleaning Franchise Agreement can not be completed without the involvement of these 3 services.  Each of these professional services are common in the community and are priced accordingly, they are not free nor are they provided by Kraken Window Cleaning.  If you have family or friends that are registered professionals in these fields that’s great, otherwise conduct your research starting with a Google Search and allow a budget for these mandatory expenses.  Generally speaking, hourly rates for franchise solicitors to review your contract may vary greatly, but expect a range from $100 per hour to $750 per hour.

One key mantra we want to keep chanting is,

“Don’t be rushed into signing the Kraken Window Cleaning Franchise Agreement”.

It’s obviously our conviction and sincere belief that we are offering a fantastic opportunity to driven entrepreneurs with a keen interest in creating a lifestyle business for themselves, but you need to realise this for yourself, and the vehicle for realising this is in the Franchise Agreement.