In the early phases of franchising our business we reflected heavily on the kinds of benefits we wanted to offer our franchisees and how we’d be compensated.  The word ‘Royalty’ continually popped up, but it just didn’t resonate.

We often chatted about the scenario of musical hit songs and royalties in-particular when Freddie Mercury composed the masterpiece known as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.  Its common place to copyright and license the song so that for years to come a Royalty fee would be payable to Queen for the rights to play the song on air or for commercial purposes, but in the aftermath of the chart topping song no further action is required from the composer.  They made the magic, time to relax and count the incoming royalty cheques.

This is entirely different to the 16% franchise royalty applied to Kraken Window Cleaning invoices, in-fact we are going to abolish the word ‘Royalty’ and replace it with, Support Services.

We reflected over the past 5 years of running a successful coastal window cleaning business and looked at what aspects cost time and money, particularly to the detriment of service delivery.  The mundane and distracting tasks that can be unpleasant, and eat away at your bottom line and usually family time.  Here is what we came up with:

Website – In 2021 a successful business is going to need a website.  It makes you credible,  if a potential client looks you up and can’t find your website they’ll know you’r not in the game.  In the online arena you now have 2 clients to consider:

  1. Prospective window cleaning customers
  2. Search Engines ( If your website and content stinks, you can never expect to rank highly in the Search.)

Also it is blatantly obvious to clients and search engines when you have signed up for a ‘free website’ from one of the may providers.

The reality of securing a domain name (www. name) that matches your trading name (theres no point having a business name called ‘Leigh’s Window Cleaning’ when you can only purchase, purchasing a hosting package to park your website, and then creating and publishing a professional looking site is a specialist field, yes it can be learnt but it is a steep climb.  We haven’t even touched on the critical task load of creating and publishing fresh search engine friendly content – pictures, videos, blog posts….Let’s not go there just yet.

For now let’s just say 16% on each paid invoice gets you a fully functioning and high performing website that you never need to be concerned about maintaining, paying for domain name renewals, paying your host package renewals, generating and publishing content.  It’s all handled for you.  You’ll never need to deal with a ‘web master’ who’ll happily invoice you for every little change and update you want to make to your site.

The System – I prefer not to disclose how much time and money we’ve dropped over the years on trialing and researching the ‘perfect’ System to run our business.  Zoho, Hubspot, Joist the list goes on.  So many hours of setting up these platforms to experience their strengths and weakness’s seems like an abyss of time and effort.  Surveying clients and book keepers to see how the process feels from their end continually beings feedback to guide the journey to creating the best System we can.  Our current System stands on the shoulders of 5yrs of rigorous research and development.  We use it daily and continually seek to identify and address any weakness’s.  16% on each paid invoice grants you complete access to our workflow system that assist with the entire customer experience process, front and back end.

Customer complaints – As with anything in this life, experience is required to get to know your stuff.  Experience comes from participating in and experiencing the high’s and lows of your trade.  Mistakes need to be made however mistakes can be costly and impact your bottom line and schedule.  The roll on affect of mistakes can be impressive to say the least.  The clients complaining about streaks on Tuesday will need to be revisited on Wednesday, which means you need to reschedule your Wednesday bookings for Thursday but the Thursday client has a deadline and isn’t flexible……it becomes a nightmare especially in peak periods.  16% on each paid invoice will see us handle any and all customer complaints.  This free’s you up to continue with your schedule while we handle any unhappy clients and assist you with identifying any problems within our control.

Intranet access portal – We appreciate not everyone is familiar with the term ‘Intranet’.  Our Intranet portal a pass word accessed website designed to support our franchisee’s to communicate, collaborate, and perform their professional tasks.   It serves a broad range of purposes and uses, but at its core, our Intranet is there to help Franchisees.  16% on each paid invoice grants a Franchisee access to training manuals, employee contracts, uniform order forms etc  Its paperless and all you need is a wifi signal and password to access.

Trademarked logo – As a business owner you want to stand out from your competitors.  We have taken the time and effort required to navigate through an in-depth design process to create a vibrant and memorable brand identity.  Furthermore we have gone through the legal channels to trademark our branding identities.  A trademark will protect the unique parts of your business, such as your name, logo and slogan.

You may be wondering how a trademark brings value. Just think about McDonalds and the golden arches they use. This symbol is instantly recognised by consumers worldwide. The value of a brand runs into the billions – Trademarks offer legal protection to those parts of your business which although not physical, are highly valuable. Further, protecting your intellectual property early on will allow you to grow and develop your business and build a brand your clients will love.  16% on each paid invoice gives you the rights to use the Kraken branding identities for your marketing and business growth purposes, these identities are safeguarded by a nationally recognised Australian Trademark process.

Call answering service – It’s understandable for the new business owner to use their personal mobile number to run their business.  After-all you have the phone with you most of the time and all of your contacts know to reach you on this number.  As your business begins to grow and the marketing techniques take affect you will find your personal mobile number will become a cluttered mess of new phone numbers, endless text messages with clients, photos of clean windows and quoted properties.  Imagine holding a 10m telescopic pole in the air scrubbing windows whilst your phone wont stop ringing with cascades of personal and business phone calls.  Or what about in the evening when your spending time with your family and new enquiries are calling you at 8pm?  16% on each paid invoice gets you a fantastic call answering service that captures leads, takes messages, and most importantly free’s you up.

Mentorship – I remember when I first landed some big clifftop mansions clients I was out of my depth and desperately wanted the advice from a seasoned pro on how to approach certain tasks.  It was always difficult to find people to approach, particularly the competition.  Sure YouTube was always in the background but often those tutorial videos come from the UK or the USA and thee are vast environmental and equipment issues.  16% on each paid invoice brings you into our ongoing mentorship program where we are always contactable to answer your question and provide advice and instruction when you need it.

Video marketing content – The benefits of catchy 1 minute marketing videos of you in action on the squeegee are varied and wide.  While convenient and efficient for the prospective client, video marketing provides franchisees with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences and rapidly expand their earning potential.  In fact, Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.  16% on each paid invoice gives our Franchisees a 1 minute customer made video every 6 months to promote themselves and their services.

We hope this has provided an insight into our intent to support and promote growth for our Franchisee’s.  Going at it alone can be a lonely and consuming journey.  Our intent is to promote growth and this couldn’t be more evident with our 16% on each paid invoice policy.  Whilst many Franchisors will extract a weekly set amount of funds regardless of the success/failures of the Franchisee, we are only receiving our compensation of 16% on each paid invoice, this fundamentally means if you don’t get paid then we don’t either.  This approach promotes our interest and involvement in the success of our Franchisees.  Eamonn when you’ve read all of this info can you please SMS me the word ‘tropicana’ to my mobile phone, thanks mate.